Ultrasonic deburring machine B10

The perfect machine if your part can not be gripped by the robot.

Optimised for components up to 5kg, as well as micro parts.

The components enter the process water basin through a special loading trey and the ultrasonic horn is attached to the robot. The result is a compact machine with a width of 1m which can be placed between two cutting machines. Otherwise, the functions are the same as for the A series.

Machine dimensions B10

Transport in operation (installation dimensions)
Width 962mm 962mm
Length 1.500mm 1.500mm
Height 1.800mm 2.150mm
Total weight 800kg
Max. component size inidvidually adapted, ideally suited for micro parts
(Standard 100 x 150 x 100mm)
Min. component size 1 x 1 x 1mm
Max. component weight 5 kg
Content process water basin inidividually customizable (standard 10 liters)


  • Electric:

  • 400V 16A; Total connected load 5,8 kVa bei 40% ED

  • House water connection

  • Connection to the sewerage system

  • EDP-Connection